Founded in 1989, CYW, Inc. is a prestigious distributor of fastener and structural products. CYW has three locations across the United States: Los Angeles, Dallas, and Charlotte. We have an in-house quality control laboratory dedicated to maintaining our exacting standards, and we offer reliable lead times and fill rates. The CYW symbol is an L mark found on the head of our fasteners, manufactured by our parent company according to industry quality assurance standards outlined in FQA & ISO 9002. Some of our products are either ICC or COLA listed. 

Since its founding in 1949, Chun Yu Works has established itself as a leader in the fastener industry across Asia, with factories and offices in Taiwan, Indonesia, major cities of China, and the United States. We export fasteners to more than 60 countries, and we boast of a 40% market share in the fastener industry in Taiwan. Competitive pricing, quality service, and superior quality are the hallmark of our business. Given Chun Yu’s manufacturing capabilities and control over the entire production process — from raw materials to finished goods – we are able to offer great prices on our quality fasteners.

We pride ourselves in the superior quality of our fasteners. Our fasteners have been used in the construction of cable-stayed bridges, sports arenas, nuclear power plants, high-speed rail tracks, and rapid transit systems. In fact, our tension control bolts were used in the construction of one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, Taipei 101, and our anchors in the construction of the Taiwan High Speed Rail tracks.


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